Sunday 28 December 2014

40mm Prussian SYW

Just enough time to squeeze some images in of the Prussians done so far for this 40mm project. Most of what you have seen the last few years has been Austrians and the Prussians have been lagging behind - in fact it was back in September 2011 when you last saw these chaps. The figures are from Trident and, I think, are very pretty. They are actually Hessians for the AWI so here is an irony - I use Hessian figures in 40mm for my Prussians and in 28mm I use Prussian figures for my Hessians.

By the way, the figures above show the first battalion of IR22 Moritz Prince of Anhalt-Dessau. On my desk at the moment are two battalions of IR11 Johann Carl Baron von Rebentisch. I'm not sure when they will be finished as these are very detailed figures and take a lot of time to complete but sometime next month.

Happy New Year to you all. I'm off to Saigon - well Ho Chi Min city as it is these days. In my mind it is still Saigon and who can forget that iconic image of the helicopter leaving the city before it fell.


  1. Simply amazing! Enjoy your trip to Indochina.

  2. Impressive unit, and thanks for putting Trident on the map. Those miniatures are really perfect for SYW - although one could only hope they'd add the cavalry too. What flags have you used for the unit? Happy New Year and a safe journey!

  3. Some magnificent!
    Great Army, very good figures, excellent painter.
    See you soon

  4. Indeed, great looking unit. I know the hard painting job with Trident miniatures, but they are splendidly done. Strong regiment you did, hope to see the 2nd bataillon soon.
    Happy new year!

  5. Thanks for your comments. Flags come from Kronoskaf and I have just reworked them using 'Paint'. Both battalions are done - see post of 16 September 2011.