Saturday 30 September 2017

40mm WAS/SYW Austrian IR Marshall von Biberstein

The last time you saw this regiment was a post on this blog on 19th February 2012. So it is high time I returned to the 40mm and did some new work. This regiment has been re-based (I know some people hate re-basing – I find it strangely therapeutic) and reduced slightly in size. This will leave new spares across the army so new regiments will follow soon. It is my aim to reduce the Austrians battalions from 24s to 20s and to increase the Prussians from 20s to 24s. Plus maybe rework the huge cavalry regiments.

Russian SYW: Kazanskiy Infantry Regiment

The seventh regiment is finished. Meanwhile we have replaced the lighting over the war-games table (with LED strip lights) so photography may well have a more expansive and less claustrophobic feel while retaining the detail. 

Friday 22 September 2017

Russian Napoleonics - 3 Opolchenie Battalions with Perry figures

These are wonderful figures from the Perry brothers - full of character and with a languid touch as they are clearly being held in reserve. The 'pike' is a musket conversion which you can tell from the shape of the stock.

The flags are my work.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Russian SYW: Bjeloserskiy Infantry Regiment

Regiment number six painted. The question is – do I pause for a week or press on as I have got one third of the way through?

Wednesday 13 September 2017

18mm SYW French: Regiment Limousin

And now for a change, you will be pleased to see. Even I was getting a tad bored of endless regiments of Russian infantry.

These are 18mm SYW French from Eureka and they are gorgeous, even if I am quite unable to do much with the faces.

I have been looking ahead to the day when I will have to downsize my home and that will mean a smaller war-games table in due course. So slowly I am selling off many of my 28mm and 40mm collections. The ancients armies now live in the USA. I will want to sell others too if your are interested - and if so, just drop me a message here or at 18th Century press - the link is on the right.

As usual I have started off with my favourite French regiment - Limousin.

Russian SYW: Azovski Infantry Regiment

The fifth regiment done. Progress, progress.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Russian SYW: Arkhangelogorodskiy Infantry Regiment

Number 4 finished. I could paint these in my sleep.