Saturday 29 April 2023

28mm Ancient Celts/Gauls: Warrior Warband 13


More warriors using bases from Charlie Foxtrot, figures from Victrix and transfers from LBMS.

Saturday 15 April 2023

Warlord Games Epic Scale ACW: Georgia Brigade


Brigadier Paul Jones Semmes and his Georgia brigade consisting of the 10th, 50th, 51st and 53rd Georgia. That's 10 bases of Epic Scale figures. In another picture I show the only Union battalion I have finished and I think almost all of my Union battalions will be like these three bases. I am enjoying painting these very much and am going to finish of a Rebel battery today.

Friday 14 April 2023

10mm SYW Painted and unpainted figures


I started off this project but I cannot continue it. I am selling painted and unpainted Prussians and Austrians. There is a painted Prussian IR1 regiment (with 5 flags per battalion x 2 battalions), three squadrons of Cuirassiers, one squadron of Dragoons and two squadrons of hussars. The Austrians have two battalions of painted Hungarians, based 4 deep. In assorted bags I have unpainted Fusiliers for the Prussians. The infantry are all GrandScale from OG. The cavalry are mostly from Pendraken and there a number of bags of unpainted figures (see the pictures please).

I'm looking for 100 euros for the whole lot plus postage which I will cap at 20 euros within Europe and 30 euros to the rest of the world. Please see my facebook page for and look in the shop or contact me here.

Sunday 9 April 2023

Warlord Games Epic Scale ACW: 51st and 53rd Georgia


I finally got round to buying a box of these 12mm plastics. Many other people have done reviews on You Tube and other places and most have been very positive and I must agree – they are great little figures, full of character. The contents of the sprues aim for large battalions of five bases of 20 figures each but I don't like that because many units in the ACW were tiny, often two to three hundred men (particularly on the Confederate side) and so I'd rather do an OOB that has varied unit sizes than field all 'huge' units. I think that units can consist of two bases (Small), three bases (Normal) and four bases (Large) and that suits me and will work with Black Powder. If a base equals about 150 men that makes regiments of 300, 450 and 600 which will allow me to get close to actual strengths at various battles. I doubt I will ever do Warlord Games's suggestion of 5 bases but that would equal a unit of 750 men. So here we have two small Georgia regiments and the other two of the brigade, which I will do soon, will each be 'normal' or three bases.

The other issue is that I like just one flag for the Confederates and the flag to be as close to the centre of the unit as is possible. I found that the strips can easily be cut with sharp plastic cutters and so the single command strip (with its two flagbearers) can cover the command element for two Confederate battalions, as shown in the pictures here.

The only slight bugbear I have is that I'm not keen on the horses I have seen so far. But as the infantry are so lovely (and fun to paint) I think I can probably live with that as there will be so few cavalry in my OOB.

Final comment – I painted these two regiments, totalling 80 figures, in one day. They work with the “three foot rule” which means they look good viewed at three feet away and are not painted to be scrutinized under a microscope!