Wednesday 31 October 2018

WAS Italy 28mm: Graf d'Aspremont grabs a hill

The Piedmontese commander, having successfully invaded the Duchy of Modena, places his army on a prominent hill (in war-games terms this hill is eight feet long) as he hears of the approaching Spanish-Neapolitan-Modena army under Gages. Knowing the aggressive nature of his opponent, Aspremont has decided to defend in a conventional 18th century manner.

This is my finished Piedmontese WAS army for the year 1743.

I don't really want to sell this complete army but would if someone was interested. Just message me.

Monday 29 October 2018

WAS: Micheletti Sardi serving with the Piedmontese Army

These were light troops recruited from among the Catalan population of Sardinia. Named for their miquelet type muskets, they were dressed like their French, Spanish and Neapolitan counterparts, in blue coats faced red and red vests, distinguished from them only by their blue cockades. They were only a company strong but I have expanded them so they can represent the Piedmontese vanguard.

Figures are mostly Front Rank although two nice figures have snook in from another manufacturer, although I have forgotten quite who this is.

Saturday 27 October 2018

Mainz Infantry Regiment Wildenstein

This four battalion regiment (and 2 grenadier companies) totalled some 2,246 men and was made up by taking men from other Mainz regiments. There is some suggestion that the fourth battalion had red facings and it remained in Erfurt but nonetheless I am fielding in its full strength. It served with the Reichs-army and was rated by Soubise as 'good', but I would judge that only in Reichs-army terms.

I have matched the green to that used by Knotel in his illustration of a grenadier. The figures are again from Crusader and the flags are conjectural.

Thursday 18 October 2018

Mainz Infantry Regiment Lamberg

The prince-elector of Mainz Archbishop J.F.K. von Ostein supplied this regiment to the Austrians upon the outbreak of the SYW and it served with them throughout the war being present at the battles of Hochkirch, Breslau, Prague and Maxen. It consisted of two battalions plus a grenadier company, which, certainly, was converged with Austrian grenadier companies. According to Kronoskaf, “Duffy gives the following data: out of 4,674 mustered. 1,860 were taken prisoner, 1,571 died in hospital, 1,010 deserted, 79 missing or discharged as invalids and only 154 killed in action”. These statistics don't do the regiment justice (many of those who died in hospital might have been wounded in action) though and I think the regiment performed well, otherwise the Austrians would not have placed in so regularly in it's line of battle.

The figures are Crusader (and my batch was very poor being covered in flash and requiring hours of cleaning) and the flags are conjectural. This regiment was not part of the Kurmainz Kreis contribution which is the next regiment I will paint.

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Hessian SYW K1 Erbprinz Cuirassiers

I have fielded these as cuirassiers in their post-1760 uniform. Although they were converted to cuirassiers the actual cuirasse does not appear to have been issued until after the end of the SYW. But I wanted to use the latest offerings from Black Hussar and so these are actual cuirassiers. If you want Prussian (or lesser smaller states') Cuirassiers then these are the best you can buy in 28mm. Each figure comes with a variety of sword arms you can choose from.

Hessian SYW 7/9 Mirbach Grenadiers

These are slightly different, in composition, from the original converged grenadier battalion which was grenadiers from regiments 7 and 11. These are from regiments 7 and 9 which I am fielding. I love these Black Hussar figures.


This dragoon regiment came from Pfalz/Palatine and served with the Kreis army although, according to Kronoskaf, it was paid for by the Austrians. This implies that it was not part of the Palatine's normal Kreis contingent but was extra to it – but I am not sure.

Although it had rather a smart uniform it does not seem to have performed that well. Indeed more than half of the regiment was captured by the Prussians in 1759. Figures are from Eureka. The extra figure will be a brigade general.

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Sixty-eight Russian Generals

Here are the mounted officers for the enormous Russian SYW army I have been painting for the best part of the year. Based in pairs for Lieutenant Generals and singles for Major Generals and lesser ranked mounted officers (for example a large number of red-coated mounted artillery Captains), these have taken me ages to paint which partly explains why I have been so quiet on this blog for a while. But I am now back on schedule and, hopefully, ready to post every week now until the end of the year at least.

The 28mm figures are from Foundry (very nice indeed), Front Rank and Crusader.