Saturday 11 March 2023

40mm Austrian/Grenz Converged Grenadier battalion


This is the second of my converged Grenadier battalions. It consists of two companies from IR18 Marschall (Red facings), two companies of IR38 de Ligne (Pink facings), one company of Grenz grenadiers from Karlstadter-Lykaner (Red uniform), and one company of Grenz grenadiers from Karstadter-Szluiner (Light blue uniform). That's quite a colourful bunch!

Thursday 9 March 2023

40mm Austrian Hungarian Converged Grenadier battalion


This is the third of my converged Grenadier battalions serving in my Austrian army. It consists of 2 companies from three regiments: 2 from IR31 Haller (light blue facings), 2 from IR37 Joseph Esterhazy (red facings) and 2 from IR51 Gyulay (blue facings). The parent regiments serve in my Hungarian brigade except for Gyulay.

Sash & Saber figures except for the officer who is from Front Rank.

Sunday 5 March 2023

28mm SYW French: IR8. Bourbonnais, four battalions


This was a very senior regiment in the French army and counted as "Petits Vieux". It participated in many SYW battles although it was fortunate not to be at Minden. I have painted this regiment because I like the colour combination of the ordonnance flags as well as the elegant absence of any facing colour. This almost concludes the French infantry – all that remains is the two battlion regiment of IR73 Haynault.

The figures are all from Black Hussar except for three Foundry drummers. The dead and wounded are also very nice sculpts from Black Hussar.

28mm Ancient Celts/Gauls: Warrior Warband 10


More warriors using bases from Charlie Foxtrot, figures from Victrix and transfers from LBMS.