Monday 27 March 2017

Serbskiy Hussars

I have started on the Russian Hussars and this is the first of five planned regiments. Some have this dramatic single-colour theme - in this case cornflower-blue and black. The next one will be an all-yellow regiment so start cleaning the sun-glasses.

Sunday 26 March 2017

32nd (The Cornwall) Foot

So here is a 40 figure Victrix British battalion in a much cleaner, pristine look. I have used ArmyPainter on the trousers, but otherwise these chaps are in full dress.

Now you know I am a great fan of Perry figures but strangely I prefer these Victrix plastics. They are far more difficult to assemble than the Perry ones but I like the greater potential variety of poses. I guess if you are a patient soul you will be able to assemble the Victrix figures (I am not so their assembly was a bit of a strain) but otherwise, the Perry ones are hard to beat.

45th (1st Nottinghamshire) Foot

One of my slow-burn projects has been in the Peninsular of the Napoleonic Wars around 1810. The last time I painted a unit for this specific period was a blog post on 21st April 2009 so slow-burn is quite an accurate description. The unit I posted then was the 45th Foot and it has taken me eight years to flag the unit. I used Perry figures and went for a campaign look. These are new pictures of that unit and I will also be showing, in the next post, the new 32nd Foot using Victrix figures.

On reflection I don’t think I like the campaign look which is exemplified by the assorted colour of their trousers. I am moving to a more pristine look; it may not be quite so accurate but it reflects one of the reasons why people are attracted to the Napoleonic Wars – the glorious uniforms. So my inclination is to go to a full (and cleaner) dress.

Friday 24 March 2017

Russian Cuirassiers (2)

If you remember back on the 27th January this year I posted pictures of three Dragoons regiments that were, during the course of the SYW, converted into Cuirassier regiments. They were Kazanski, Kievski and Novotroitsky. I have now painted them in Cuirassier kit as if they had been fully re-supplied and their title of 'faux' Cuirassiers can now be dropped.

Thursday 9 March 2017

3rd Cuirassiers

 Here is the 3rd Russian Cuirassiers from the SYW.

Wednesday 1 March 2017

WAS in Italy: Modena Regiment

This is the third of the Modenese National Regiments I have painted and this one goes under the imaginative title of Modena. The previous ones were Reggio and Mirandola.

Figures are from the lovely Black Hussar SYW French range.