Monday 26 September 2022

40mm Prussian Infantry: IR16 Graf zu Dohna

This is the last of the units made up from Trident figures although the command figures are from Front Rank (now owned by Gripping Beast). These are the left-over figures from when I reduced the rest of the battalions from 24 to 20 figures. You have seen all these re-worked battalions recently. I have the figures for a new regiment using Day of Battle printed figures. But the US dollar is so strong that its actually cheaper for me to buy Front Rank in sterling. Trident in New Zealand is too expensive both for figures themselves as well as postage. So the 4 battalions of grenadiers will probably be from Front Rank.

I still plan to get the remaining Prussian cavalry (the Austrian cavalry is finished) from Day of Battle.

These pretty flags are from Dave Morfitt of course.

Saturday 24 September 2022

40mm Austrian Infantry: Reichsarmee Regiment Kurmainz 2nd Battalion

Firstly let me thank Old Glory USA for sending me these free figures. They were very kind to do this and I'd like to point out that almost the entire Austrian army in my 40mm collection is from Sash & Saber, made by Old Glory.

There will be grenadiers in this army but this is the last fusilier battalion and I have chosen both an interesting facing colour as well as flags. This regiment was of three battalions although I just have the second battalion. The flag is unknown but I am using one that probably was used by the Archbishop-Elector of Mainz (who was the Primate of Germany) although quite when is unknown. The state symbol, as illustrated, is visible on the flags. It's a flag I like and have always wanted to employ so here it is even though there is no evidence of its use in this period. I have also no idea about cockade colour or sash colour so I have speculated with red/white.

The top picture shows the battalion deployed in 4 ranks (up to the battle of Kolin) and the bottom two show the battalion in 3 ranks, like the Prussians. The basing system allows the flexibility to do either.


Monday 19 September 2022

28mm Ancient Celts/Gauls: Warriors


Here is the start of a stream of warriors using bases from Charlie Foxtrot, figures from Victrix and transfers from LBMS.

Sunday 11 September 2022

40mm Prussian Infantry: IR30 Blanckensee


This is the last of this current batch of re-worked Prussian Infantry. Note that this regiment was not painted by me but I did spend a great deal of time bringing it up to standard. Next will be two new regiments IR16 and IR42.

Saturday 10 September 2022

40mm Prussian Infantry: IR12 Friedrich August von Finck


Following on from my post yesterday this is another of my reworked regiments.

Friday 9 September 2022

40mm Prussian Infantry: IR 40 von Kreytzen Fusiliers


This regiment is one of the most recognisable in the Prussian army due to its striking pink facings. Dave Morfitt's flags are a very strong pink, almost a Fuschia. Interestingly, I saw a program on UK television recently that said that prior to the 20th century the colour for little girls was pale blue while the colour for little boys was pink. For some unknown reason this seems to have been reversed in late Victorian or early Edwardian times. So in the 18th century pink was seen as a strong masculine colour. Does anybody have an explanation for the reversal in colours for children?

Thursday 8 September 2022

40mm Prussian Infantry: IR22 Prinz Moritz von Anhalt


Following on from my post yesterday this is another reworked regiment.

Wednesday 7 September 2022

40mm Prussian Infantry IR11 von Rebentisch


I reworked this regiment 5 years ago by changing the flags and adding 4 figures per battalion. Now I have changed them again, stripping away those added extra 4 figures to return them to 20 figure battalions. I have also shortened the flag staves and reduced the size of the flags and replaced the flags themselves. My new flags of choice are from Dave Morfitt and they are available on his blog 'Not by appointment'. In my view thy are the best available as the shading is subtly done and better than that, they are accurate and free.He has done most of the flags for both the French and Prussians in the SYW as well as some other interesting WAS Austrian ones. I scale up or down using Microsoft Paint.

So my focus for the next few months is to finish these Prussians off, if I can. I have painted 10 battalions so this will release an extra 40 figures for conversion into new regiments. I'm aiming for twenty battalions.

Tuesday 6 September 2022

40mm SYW Prussian Cuirassiers KR1 Buddenbrock


Back in June I showed you one squadron of the resin-printed cuirassiers I bought from Chris Parker at I have finished the regiment and I'm now showing the five squadrons. Someone mentioned that the swords look too long and in fact the blade measures 20mm (or half the height of a figure) and was, in reality, 34 inches long so proportionately these are correct if you assume that the average height of an 18th century man was about 5'6”. I'm pleased with these figures and will probably add more cavalry figures although the dollar exchange rate has made them rather expensive. The horses are slightly on the small size so I have had to pack them up.

The bottom picture shows them charging into an Austrian Cuirassier regiment.

28mm Ancient Celts/Gauls: Skirmishers


Starting off a new project with plastics from Victrix and bases from Charlie Foxtrot. Here are 48 skirmishers on bases of six.