Saturday, 24 September 2022

40mm Austrian Infantry: Reichsarmee Regiment Kurmainz 2nd Battalion

Firstly let me thank Old Glory USA for sending me these free figures. They were very kind to do this and I'd like to point out that almost the entire Austrian army in my 40mm collection is from Sash & Saber, made by Old Glory.

There will be grenadiers in this army but this is the last fusilier battalion and I have chosen both an interesting facing colour as well as flags. This regiment was of three battalions although I just have the second battalion. The flag is unknown but I am using one that probably was used by the Archbishop-Elector of Mainz (who was the Primate of Germany) although quite when is unknown. The state symbol, as illustrated, is visible on the flags. It's a flag I like and have always wanted to employ so here it is even though there is no evidence of its use in this period. I have also no idea about cockade colour or sash colour so I have speculated with red/white.

The top picture shows the battalion deployed in 4 ranks (up to the battle of Kolin) and the bottom two show the battalion in 3 ranks, like the Prussians. The basing system allows the flexibility to do either.


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