Wednesday 30 October 2019

28mm SYW French: Royal-Nassau Hussars

Raised in 1756 by Guillaume Henri, Prince of Nassau-Saarbruck, it was initially named Volontaires de Nassau-Saarbruck and consisted of two squadrons. In 1758 it was increased in strength to 4 squadrons (about 600 men) and was placed on the official French establishment.

28mm SYW French: IR59 Royal Comtois

This regiment was raised in 1674 by the Marquis de Listenois and it became a Royal regiment in 1685. Besides being involved in the capture of Minorca at the beginning of the SYW the regiment does not appear to have participated in any major battles. But during the WAS it was heavily involved in the invasion of Bohemia.

The unusual flags show a Burgundian cross on an aurore background.

Friday 18 October 2019

28mm SYW French: Swiss Regiment Eptingen

This Regiment, which appears to have been unnumbered (although IR122 seems appropriate), was raised in 1758 from the Basel area although most of the officers came from Alsace, perhaps by virtue of their bilingualism.

The other thing that is unusual is the yellow facings. The other 10 Swiss regiments in French service (as well as the Swiss Guards) had blue facings and Kronoskaf suggests that in 1761/2 the facings changed to blue. Meanwhile, for a few short years, the regiment had these striking yellow facings. Figures are from Crusader.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

28mm SYW French: IR 3 Navarre

This was a 4 battalion regiment, formed in 1558 as Garde du Roi de Navarre, with an admirable service history which is available on Kronoskaf.