Sunday 29 January 2023

28mm SYW: French Horse Fitz-James


This is a very interesting French cavalry regiment. It was raised in 1691 from English exiles although Kronoskaf records it as an Irish regiment. I speculate that by the SYW there were still a few aged rankers from either England, Ireland or Scotland (who had joined in the WSS) but that the majority were probably French. This regiment, of 4 squadrons, was sent to help Bonnie Prince Charlie in the 1745 – 3 out of 4 squadrons were captured en route and only one landed, without horses. They hastily grabbed local horses and did fine service including at Culloden. They surrendered later on after the battle and were treated as French prisoners of war. During the 1745 they wore tricornes. By the WAS/SYW this was just a two-squadron regiment.

These are mostly Perry AWI Spanish Dragoons with their heads removed. Heads in bearskins come from Black Hussar. The command are surplus Ebor WSS. This is the 4th regiment of French cavalry finished.

Saturday 28 January 2023

28mm Ancient Celts/Gauls: Double Warrior Warband 9


More warriors using bases from Charlie Foxtrot, figures from Victrix and transfers from LBMS.

Sunday 15 January 2023

28mm SYW Lieutenant Generals for the French and Hessians


So progress is slow but I am getting there on these SYW armies. The top picture shows the Lieutenant General of the first French Division, the Chevalier du Muy and an ADC with telescope (both from Black Hussar). He has two maréchal de camp, comte de Vence and comte de Chabot commanding his two brigade totalling 9 battalions. Both these figures are Perry conversions.

The bottom picture shows Lieutenant General Gilsa with an ADC (a Foundry figures and a Black Hussar figure). He is ably (one hopes) assisted by Major-Generals Toll and Bischausen and this division consists of eight battalions. One figure if from Perry and the other Black Hussar.

Both these divisions are now finished.

Saturday 14 January 2023

28mm Ancient Celts/Gauls: Double Warrior Warband 8


More warriors using bases from Charlie Foxtrot, figures from Victrix and transfers from LBMS.

Monday 2 January 2023

28mm SYW French Infantry: IR18 Touraine

Happy New Year everyone.

Looking through my blog (a useful aide memoire) I see that I painted this regiment in April 2010. The fact that I'm doing it again suggests that I like the flags and facings and, indeed, that is how I chose what regiments to paint when I work on a French army.

This project will consist of 18 French battalions and I'm about 75% finished. The next regiment will be Haynault which is an area today that straddles the French-Belgian border although in the 18th century it was mostly in France. The northern part was in the Austrian Netherlands.

Lovely flags from Dave Morfitt at his Not by Appointment blog.