Saturday 21 June 2014

Beaufremont Dragons

Here is another French SYW dismounted dragoon regiment, this time with the rather unusual facing colour of 'ventre de biche' or fawn on their cuffs. Figures are by Foundry again.

There will be a pause now on this blog as real life gets in the way of painting! More news soon................

Languedoc Dragons

French SYW dismounted dragoons by Foundry. Horrible figures (cartoon faces and hands, strange body tilt)
as is often the case in the later Foundry ranges but, if you want dismounted dragoons, there are not many options available. Nonetheless they look half-decent when painted up and are quite useful in a French army of the period as dragoons were often found without their horses. Besides being useful because they were trained to have a role 'on foot', they were often dismounted so as to give their horses up to their more distinguished cavalry brothers.

Sunday 15 June 2014

French SYW: Royal-Carabiniers (whole regiment)

Here is the whole regiment on my table ready for action. Total of 10 squadrons and 40 figures.
Figures by Foundry although there are some Front Rank horses mixed in with them.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

French SYW: Royal-Carabiniers

This was a super-large and elite regiment of French cavalry. It consisted of 10 squadrons and was normally fielded together in it's own large brigade. I have painted half of it so far (20 figures shown) and the other twenty will be done this week. When finished I'll try to photograph the whole unit together as it will look rather impressive.

This is from Kronoskaf: “On June 23, the regiment took part in the battle of Krefeld where it formed the reserve of cavalry under the marquis de Poyanne. The Comte de Gisors, at the head of his regiment, charged the Hanoverian lines and managed to break through the first two lines and was fighting the third when retreat was ordered. While trying to disentangle his unit from the Hanoverian lines, Gisors was shot through his left side. At this battle, from a total of 1,329 men, it lost 700 troopers killed or wounded and 69 officers.” That was about 50% casualties!