Thursday 23 November 2023

28mm Hessians: Two 6pdr batteries

Back in November 2021 I painted two guns and crew and I've had the remainder lurking around to finish but I've avoided them as the guns are a chore. But now they are done and that sorts out the Hessian artillery for my army. Hesse-Cassel was somewhat light on artillery and during the early SYW had to borrow 12pdrs from their Hanoverian neighbours.

For details about Christian Rogge's colour scheme for the guns see his blog at

The gun models themselves are from Minden Miniatures and the crews a mix of Black Hussar and Perrys.


Tuesday 14 November 2023

28mm Hessians: IR 2 Füsilier-Regiment von Bartheld


Its quite a while since I added to my Hessian force to fight my French army. The latter is about 75% complete with just the cavalry to finished. But the Hessians need attention so here I have added a fusilier regiment, with it's grenadiers which will be converged with those of IR4. I'll finish another fusilier regiment before the end of the year. The uniforms and flags are for the end of the war.

Figures are from Black Hussar.

Friday 10 November 2023

28mm Celtic cavalry 1 and 2


The first two of seven cavalry units planned. We are in the home stretch in this project.