Thursday 28 May 2020

15mm Seleucids: getting down to the dross

'Dross' may be too pejorative but we are certainly now getting down to the poorer class of cavalry.
Six lines here: first two lines are raw javelin-armed light cavalry. The second and third are Scythian horse archers and at the back, two lines of Thracian horse archers.

Friday 22 May 2020

40mm SYW Austrians: Horse Grenadier elite companies.

Here are my Dragoon elite companies – one base of two figures for each of the dragoons I have finished.

40mm SYW Austrians: Kolowrat-Krakowski Dragoons

The Austrian cavalry is finished for my 40mm army. Here is a new regiment of Dragoons (6 squ) plus their elite company of Horse Grenadiers. This regiment, according to Kronoskaf, used two-tone blue – dark blue on the shabraque (horse furniture) and a medium blue for the coats. It's actually the same blue I will use for Prussian dragoon coats.

So my Austrians have 28.5 squadrons of cavalry, a strange number but that's because 3 companies of Horse Grenadiers makes one and a half squadrons. Plus 6 squadrons of Cuirassiers, 18 squadrons of Dragoons and 3 squadrons of Hussars. That's 90 cavalry figures in 40mm. Next to paint will be a 12pdr battery.

Thursday 21 May 2020

15mm Seleucids: Tarantine Cavalry

From Taras/Tarentum in southern Italy these were decent light cavalry. But rather than coming from this region they were probably just trained in the “Tarantine manner” which was mostly a skirmishing role with the ability to dismount and serve on foot.

15mm Seleucids: Politikoi Militia Cavalry

These were militia units raised in cities from among the more prosperous citizens whom, I assume, supplied their own horses.