Sunday, 26 June 2022

40mm SYW Prussian Cuirassiers

Here is a single squadron for my new Prussian Cuirassiers KR1 Buddenbrock. I will do the other 4 squadrons soon.

These are resin-printed from Chris Parker Games and can be scaled up or down in the 'printing' process. They are not perfect by any means with a few uniform errors (they are closer to Austrians than Prussians) and some weakness in the horses' legs but with careful preparation they do the job. At best you have 2 out of four legs touching the ground so I have had to stacked small plastic cubes  for added strength. But they are very animated and scale well next to my Austrian cuirassiers who themselves are a mix of Irregular and Sash &Saber. I have added paper sabretaches.


10mm Old Glory SYW Prussian IR1

These figures are from Old Glory's 10mm SYW range and they are painted as an experiment. I wanted to see what they looked like en masse. So here you can see 75 figures per battalion and in their correct three ranks. Furthermore they have the correct number of flags per battalion – five. The infantry come in strips of five but the command needs to be cut up into smaller chunks to get the 5 standard bearers together.

Painting them is no pleasure at all because there is almost no detailing possible – just facings, turnbacks and other basics. But I am impressed with their look. I have ordered some cavalry from Pendraken just to see whether I can mass the cavalry in very close ranks as well. I doubt that this is a new project but anything is possible.


28mm Wars of the Roses: 3 units of light cavalry


Sunday, 1 May 2022

28mm Wars of the Roses: Burgundian Pikemen (2)


Three more units of mercenary Burgundian pikemen, plastics from Perry brothers.