Saturday, 29 June 2019

Franco-Prussian War Prussian 4pdr gun?

In my town in France there are two war memorials, one WW1 combined with WW2, Algeria etc and the older one, which is pictured here, and ,which is, I suspect, for the Franco-Prussian War. The statue looks like a Garde Mobile (in heroic pose) but the reason why I am showing the post is because of the four steel gun barrels at the four corners. They look like Prussian 4pdrs from that war and I recall reading that they were lethal guns and, oddly, had better performance than the heavier 6pdr. I say I think they might be Prussian 4pdrs going by the design but someone out there will know better and might comment below. They are certainly steel barrels and breach loaders too.

Friday, 28 June 2019

Prussian 28mm SYW: 29/31 Grenadiers Östenreich

Grenadiers from regiments 29 and 31. Note that all silver-fronted mitres were not real silver but in fact a water-based paste applied over a brass base. This would often wear off in inclement weather so it would have to be reapplied. I asume that this could be done on campaign but I cannot be sure.

Prussian 28mm SYW: 28/32 Grenadiers Kreytzen

Prussian 28mm SYW: 28/32 Grenadiers Kreytzen

Thursday, 27 June 2019

British Napoleonics: 2nd Queen's Royal Regiment

And now for a complete change.............

During the Napoleonic Wars, this regiment first fought in the Peninsular Warat the battles of Vimeiro and Corunna. It then took part in the disastrous Walcheren Campaign before returning to the Peninsula to fight at the Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro, the second Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, the Battle of Salamanca and the unsuccessful Siege of Burgos. By the winter of 1812, the regiment was so depleted by casualties and disease that four companies were amalgamated with the equally weakened 2nd Battalion, 53rd Foot, to form the 2nd Provisional Battalion. Six cadre companies returned home to re-form. As part of the 4th Division, the Provisional Battalion took part in Wellington's triumph at the Battle of Vittoria on 21 June 1813, followed by the Siege of San Sebastián and, 1814, the battles of Orthes and Toulouse.

The metal command figures are from Perry and the plastic marching rankers are from Warlord Games. All that is left to do is the four-figure light company. The flag is from Flags of War although I am slightly unsure about the green-blue hue used on the company flag.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Prussian 28mm SYW: 12/39 Grenadiers Waldau

Grenadiers from regiments 12 and 39.

Prussian 28mm SYW: 21/27 Grenadiers Lengefeld

Grenadiers from regiments 21 and 27. My previous comments apply again and this regiment was temporarily converged with other converged grenadier battalions on at least three other occasions – after the battles of Moys, again in 1760 and 1761.