Sunday 30 May 2021

28mm 1st Carlist War-Carlists: Guipuzcoan Lancers


The last Carlist post on my blog was back in 2018 and I showed two infantry units. But I was never totally happy with them and I sold them. With this post I return to the subject and there will be a number of new units over the following weeks as I aim to assemble my first Carlist Guipuzcoan brigade which will have 4 battalions of infantry, one cavalry regiment (here) and a single mountain battery.

Looking at various sources, the Guipuzcoan lancers appear to have had two uniforms. The Perry website shows this uniform with a green coat while another source shows a red coat. For the purposes of variety I have gone for the green.

Saturday 29 May 2021

28mm Palatinate: Infantry Regiment Prinz Karl von Zweibr├╝cken 1st and 2nd battalions


Another Palatine regiment to join the division I will paint (5/8ths finished) which will be allied with a French division to fight the Hessians.

This regiment was part of the Subsidienkorps, the Palatine auxillary corps that served with the French in the SYW.

Flags were very generously sent to me by Frederic Aubert and they are very pretty.