Friday 6 June 2008

SYW British Cavalry Brigade

At last I have finished this British cavalry brigade for my "Pragmatic"/SYW army.
It is under the command of Major-General Mostyn.
The top two pictures are of the 3rd Dragoon Guards, 3 squadrons totalling 12 figures.
The next two pictures are of the 5th Dragoons (Royal Irish), 2 squadrons of 8 figures.
The next two pictures are of the 6th Dragoons (Inniskilling's), 2 squadrons again.
The final picture shows the entire brigade. All figures are from the new Foundry range except for Mostyn himself, who is a Front Rank figure.
Painting cavalry is, for me, not as great a pleasure as painting infantry. I base my infantry in 2s or 3s for painting but base the cavalry individually. This involves a great deal of picking up (and putting down) and the whole process takes me about 3 times longer than painting infantry. But I can't have an army without cavalry and during the 18th century cavalry proportions, as a percentage of the whole army, tended to be high - sometimes 35%.

Sunday 1 June 2008

SYW Brunswick Regiment Mansberg

Two battalions of the Brunswick Regiment Mansberg (formerly von Behr). This regiment has its post 1760 new flags and I have used these as they are rather more colourful than their previous ones. The figures are all the fantastic Copplestone Foundry range (before Rob Baker got his hands on the range) and it was partially the beauty and crispness of the figures (plus ease of painting) that got me into 25mm SYW. My previous SYW armies had all been 15mm and those armies now live in New York with my friend Jon.

My current project is SYW British cavalry and I'll post pictures of the completed brigade by next weekend.

SYW Grenadiers de France 1st battalion

This is the first battalion of the Grenadiers de France and I intend fielding all four battalions of them in due course. The figures are by Foundry and are rather comical which is sad for such an elite brigade but I am hoping that they will cast aside the (unintended, I hope) sense of humour of their Foundry designer and stand solid as a rock, as they did at Minden.

SYW Allied Jaegers

Three pictures of Allied Jaeger units that will form part of the Advance Guard of the SYW/WAS Pragmatic army I am painting up.
The top unit consists of 3 companies (totalling nine figures) of Brunswick Jaegers. Figures are all Front Rank except the officer who is from Crusader.
The middle picture is of the Hanoverian Jaegers, also know as Freytag Jaegers, with their distinctive grey gaiters. Musket armed, the figures are all by FR.
The last picture is of the Hessian Jaegers, probably the elite unit of the three. Again all figures are FR except for the officer who is a Foundry offering.

These will be joined by a small unit of Brunswick Hussars and a larger unit of Luckner's Hussars and the entire advance guard will be under the command of Colonel Luckner himself. I might give them a battalion gun too.