Tuesday 28 June 2016

Prussian Converged Grenadiers 33/42 Nimschöfsky

Looks like someone tried to match these regiments together as fronts and rears of the mitres are very similar.

Prussian Converged Grenadiers 9/10 Möllendorff

More grenadiers - this time with both brass and silver mitres. I had always thought that mitre colour was the same as button colour but this is not true.

Monday 20 June 2016

Prussian Converged Grenadiers 13/26 Finck

Here is a unit with both silver fronted mitres as well as brass. IR13 are on the left in the top two pictures and IR26 is on the right.

Prussian Converged Grenadiers 1/23 Bandemer

Over the next few weeks I will be painting quite a few Prussian SYW grenadiers in 28mm.

Interestingly, you might have thought that these permanent convergences would have an element of esthetics in that the mitre colours would match. Actually in about 50% they do match (i.e. both halves had either brass or silver fronted mitres) but that leaves 50% which did not match.

This is 1/23 so the grenadiers on the left in the top two pictures are from IR 1 and the grenadiers on the right are from IR23. Both have matching silver fronted mitres. Also that silver front was fake - see this note from Kronoskaf: "In regiments with white metal, the front plates were to be coloured with a water-based silver paste which needed to be re-applied regularly lest the cap plates revert to their original brass colour. Therefore, during campaign, particularly in bad weather, it is possible that the silvering could have worn off and needed to be silvered again."

Monday 13 June 2016

WAS Piedmontese Guard

This project is almost finished - this is the ninth battalion out of ten. I am now considering whom they should fight. I should also consider the buildings I have which are all very north European and are not suitable for northern Italy.

Sunday 12 June 2016

IR 15.1 I.Leibgarde

Foundry figures again. They wear the full-dress feathered tricorne but the coat seems to be the field uniform with most of the fancy silver lace removed.

IR 6 Grenadier Garde

My favourite Prussian regiment. These figures are by Foundry but not Copplestone's designs but later ones which might explain the inaccuracies - the officers should all be in tricornes.

Monday 6 June 2016

IR30 Blanckensee Musketeers

I love the flags of this regiment. Some of it's regimental history is interesting too.

"In the Spring of 1758, the regiment took part in the failed Prussian invasion of Moravia. On October 14, it fought in the Battle of Hochkirch where it was initially deployed in the first line to the left of the village of Hochkirch. Personally led by Keith, the regiment recaptured the Prussian battery near Hochkirch and pushed the Austrians back before being overwhelmed by number and forced to retire. Keith was killed during the action. Around 7:00 a.m., the rallied regiment supported Itzenplitz Infantry during its attack and temporary recapture of the village of Hochkirch. During this battle, the regiment suffered heavy casualties (around 50%)."