Monday, 31 October 2011

SYW: French Orleans Dragoons

Dragoon Regiment Orleans was owned by Louis-Philippe, duc d'Orléans, but was commanded in the field by mestre de camp lieutenant comte de Pons Saint-Maurice. Whilst dragoons in other nation's service seem, by this time, to have fought mostly mounted, in France they retained a significant dismounted role. For example at the Battle of Hastembeck, this regiment served on the right wing in a dismounted role while at the Battle of Krefeld they were mounted.

This regiment wears almost exactly the reverse colour scheme of the other Dragoon regiment I have painted - Lanquedoc.


  1. Wow! These look superb. What a beautiful color scheme too. Best, Dean

  2. Another excellently painted unit Nigel!! I've read quite a lot about the SYW and I didn't know the French still dis-mounted their Dragoons, thanks for the info!!

  3. That's a fine looking unit. Lovely paint job sir!

  4. Very nice. Are they Foundry miniatures?