Thursday 23 December 2021

28mm SYW French Infantry: IR25 Limousin


I have painted this regiment twice in 15/18mm and three times in 28mm. It is my favourite French infantry regiment of the WAS/SYW and I think that may well be because of the flags. These are from Dave Morfitt and are fantastic.

Note that black cockades were normal for the SYW but white for the WAS. I prefer the white for aesthetic reasons. That completes 6 battalions for the ten I plan to have in this division.

Sunday 19 December 2021

28mm SYW Hessian Infantry: IR7 Leib Regiment


I painted these two battalions back in October 2017

but I am now doing them in my new style with new style flags. They will be brigaded with IR11 Prinz von Anhalt, as will their grenadiers. Eight battalions for the first division of Lieutenant-General Gilsa.

28mm Wars of the Roses: Archers (5)


Now three more units of archers – livery of red and black.

Saturday 4 December 2021

28mm Wars of the Roses – Henry Bourchier, Earl of Essex and retinue


More of the black/green livery of the Bourchiers. Here are two units of men-at-arms, one unit of archers, two command bases and a well-dressed musician.