Sunday 30 September 2012

French Cavalry Regiment Aquitaine

I'll be doing a number of SYW French cavalry regiments over the next few weeks. Here is Aquitaine - a Royal regiment. Figures are from Front Rank and though they are showing their age (they must have been designed about 15 years ago) they are still nice to paint and lively as well. 

Sunday 23 September 2012

SYW Austrian 6pdr Battery

Here is a 6pdr Austrian battery - horses by Front Rank, crew by Crusader and guns/limbers by Zinnfiguren again. I just love those 'sprongs' at the front of the guns (well, I'm not sure what they are called but sprongs sounds the part) into which a metal bar is inserted so that they can be pulled or pushed forwards or backwards. They give the guns character in my mind.

Monday 17 September 2012

SYW Prussian 12pdr Battery

A twelve-pounder Prussian battery for the WAS or SYW. Crews are from Foundry, horses from Front Rank and guns/limbers from Zinnfiguren. The latter are expensive but very good quality and come fully assembled although you will need to touch up the glue with super-glue.

I've pictured the limber in greater detail as nobody seems to make this amongst the more conventional wargaming companies. If you know different, please tell me. Next week I'll show an Austrian 6pdr battery.

Saturday 8 September 2012

SYW Hungarian IR31.Haller

Here is another 40mm SYW Austrian-Hungarian battalion using Sash & Saber figures. It is regiment Haller and there appear to be contradictions concerning the button colour (Kronoskaf says yellow) but, if in doubt, go with the colour of the officer's buttons, and those were white/silver.

The general officer is a conversion of a Front Rank AWI figure and he represents MG Baron Wulfen, who will command the Hungarian brigade. Just one battalion to go to finish this Austrian army off for the moment although I will try to add some more cavalry and artillery by the end of the year.

Saturday 1 September 2012

French Guards

Summer is almost over. The kids will be back to school soon, the tourists have left and the fat lunches are over, praise be! I say 'fat' lunches because around here (in SW France) there are dozens of restaurants that serve a four-course lunch (wine included) for around 11 to 12 euros a head and when visitors arrive (of which there have been a few this year) it is quite the done thing to go out to lunch every day. The result of that - no painting in the afternoon a short siesta being required! So autumn, my favourite time of the year, is around the corner and there was quite a nip in the air this morning when I walked the Dalmatian in the forest.

This week (lunches having ended) I was able to return to the swing of things and painted these two French Guard battalions of the SYW period. Foundry figures, like the previous post on the Swiss Guard, and not bad figures to paint at all. That company seems to be making a serious attempt at halting it's declining sales and reputation but I can't help thing that this 'mea culpa' beating of the breast is slightly artificial but I guess only time will tell on that score.