Monday 25 September 2023

28mm Punic War: Triarii of 4th Legio Niger Aper (Black Boar)

So, with the exception of velites, that concludes this first of two Roman Legios for the 2nd Carthaginian war.


Sunday 17 September 2023

28mm Celtic chariots 1


The first batch of chariots for the Celtic army from Victrix. These are quite complicated to assemble so here are my tips.

  1. assemble and paint the chariot.

  2. assemble and paint the horses

  3. assemble and paint the crew (only the chaps steering horses)

  4. base the horses/chariots.

  5. Attach reins to steering guys and paint.

  6. Insert/glue reins into horse harness and glue man to chariot base. (delicate)

  7. Paint forward reins on sprue. Remove and glue to harness and horse.(delicate)

    You should follow Victrix instructions!

Saturday 2 September 2023

28mm Punic War: Principes of 4th Legio Niger Aper (Black Boar)


This follows on from the Hastati I showed you in July. Here is the second line of Principes, sporting the same LBMS yellow shields but with red plumes. On the subject of LBMS transfers I wanted to say a big 'thank you' to Steve Hales for replacing some of the transfers which deteriorated due to age. It's not a common problem, I hear, but it does occasionally happen with transfer sheets that have been lurking in the back of a drawer.

Next up the Triarii. I have not yet decided the shield colour of the next Legion (2nd Legio) but it will probably be red.