Wednesday 26 August 2009

18thCenturyPress - New Book

We, that is, have secured the rights to re-print Niemeyer/Ortenburg’s "The Hanoverian Army during the Seven Years War".

This is an exceptional book with colour illustrations of all the infantry regiments, artillery, light troops and cavalry regiments that made up the Hanoverian army of the SYW. Equally useful is the full English text and descriptions of the army’s organization.

At the moment the issues relate to both cost per copy and numbers to print. What I am requesting now is a duplication of the work we did before the Savory re-print; that is to collect emails from interested parties so that I can have an idea of numbers. I cannot give any idea at the moment about cost but I will try to keep this as low as possible while retaining the quality of the original.

If you are interested in buying a copy, please email me at



Thursday 20 August 2009

Napoleonic Italians using Victrix

I’ve been quite negligent of this blog this month but, well, it’s August, and I’d be ruining the stereotype some of you may have about France if I did a normal amount of work. It’s the season of parties and outdoor this and that and to add to that it has been one of the hottest and driest summers since the big scorcher of 2003. So production here has been spasmodic and shambolic (note: my spell checker does not recognise that word) at the same time.

I have though painted a Victrix (plastic) 28mm battalion of French Napoleonic Infantry up as the 6th Italian Line or more properly, 6° Reggimento Fanteria di Linea. The varieties of pose are extraordinary within the Victrix box and you will always have dozens of heads and other plastic military ephemera left over when you have finished. Not all is perfect though (note the arms of the drummer come only with epaulettes) but I will remember next time to cut these epaulettes off. One of the nice things about working with plastic is the easy with which changes can be made.

The flag is a temporary download from the web and, in the fullness of time, will be replaced by a ‘proper’ Grahame Black one. If Grahame had a website I’d add it to the links here but here is his email address if you want to buy the best (

Meanwhile, the factory will return to work soon and be delivering up more of the ACW Project.

Thursday 6 August 2009

SYW Hanoverian Cavalry Brigade

Well it's back to the SYW, if temporarily.
I have posted pictures previously of the Hanoverian Leib Horse (2 squadrons) but the others have just been painted up. So the second Horse regiment is von Grothaus (great name that!) and the third regiment is the four squadron Dragoon Regiment of von Breidenbach, who also commands the brigade. That completes two brigades out of a total planned of six and I'll do the third brigade of this column/division (consisting of Hessians) later on in the year.

All figures are Front Rank and flags are from Vaubanner.

I have a couple of months of ACW painting ahead of me before I can return to the 18th century and if I can locate some discipline somewhere I'll stick to the plan. But there is a regiment of Renaissance Polish winged-Hussars sitting on my painting desk crying out for some who knows.

By the way, as a brief aside, its been very hot(and dry) down here in the SW of France and weather like this cries out for a beer and a good book in the garden.