Friday 26 November 2021

28mm SYW Hessian 6pdr battery

Figures are Perry's Hessians from their AWI range and the guns are Prussian 6pdrs from Minden Miniatures.


Friday 19 November 2021

28mm SYW French Infantry: IR81 Tournaisis


This was another one-battalion regiment and is the fourth painted of ten I plan in the division. This division with be joined by the Palatine division to make up phase one of my WAS/SYW French army.

The flags are by Dave Morfitt of Not by Appointment.

28mm Wars of the Roses – Billmen (4)


Three units of billmen using the same plastic Perry box (the Archers box) but with the bill arms. Green and black livery.

Thursday 4 November 2021

28mm SYW French Infantry: IR86 Comte de La Marche (AKA La Marche-Prince)

A one-battalion regiment owned by the Louis-Fran├žois-Joseph de Bourbon-Conti, Comte de La Marche who was the son of Louis-Fran├žois de Bourbon, Prince the Conti, who, incidentally owned regiment IR 97. The Bourbon-Contis were a junior branch of the Bourbons. I have used the Conti livery for the drummer – buff with blue cuffs.

The lovely flags were by David Morfitt from his blog Not be Appointment.