Monday 29 June 2020

Wednesday 17 June 2020

28mm Hessians: 1760-63 Regiment Wutginau 2nd BTN

Here is the second battalion of the regiment I recently posted here. I really like the Black Hussar pose.

15mm Seleucids: Militia Phalanx (1)

Saturday 6 June 2020

15mm Seleucids: Horse Archers and Camel Archers

I never get the hump painting camels (groan).

Thursday 4 June 2020

28mm Hessians: 1760-63 Regiment Wutginau 1st BTN

These are figures (all except the Foundry officer) from Black Hussar and they are ones I have never used before. Normally I buy the marching pose but these are ‘Spannt den Hahn!’ which I am not going to translate. They are trickier to paint but I really like the pose which looks like they mean business.

I have used the flags from the plate which you can also see here. It is undated but I believe the plate (and there are others in this range) dates from anywhere from 1760 to the start of the AWI. Note that none of these flags are those used in the AWI so my guess is that they were the transitional flags before the AWI issue. I think that the names are misleading too. This regiment is named as Erbprinz and Wutginau became Erbprinz in 1776. The first Hessians arrived in America on August 15, 1776 so hardly enough time to change the flags to the newer and fancier AWI versions. I think the plates show the new flags issued in 1760 when Landgrave Friedrich II came to the throne.

This is the first battalion of two in the regiment.

Note: The Hessian Lion always points away from the flagstaff in this period.