Thursday 27 March 2008

ACW:Ames' brigade of Barlow's Division-11th Corps

This is the 2nd Brigade of Barlow's Division of the 11th Corps. As I said in my earlier post below, this is a fictional OOB. The Brigade is commanded by B.Gen Adelbert Ames and consists of:
(Top picture) two battalions -
29th Massachusetts (5 bases of 3)
46th Massachusetts (5 bases of 3)

(Next two pictures) Every army has to have its Zouaves -
114th Pennsylvania (5 bases of 3) with red trousers
155th Pennsylvania (5 bases of 3) in blue with yellow lace

All the figures are Sash & Saber.

The last two pictures are of Dixon's figures and show B.General Barlow, the divisional commander (a base with two figures) and the Corps commander Major General Oliver Howard,
a base with three figures.

Eventually, this small army will consist of two divisions of 11th Corps with some attached cavalry and I'm hoping my friend Seb will paint up the Confederates.

ACW:Gilsa's brigade of Barlow's Division-11th Corps

One of my background projects has been the American Civil War. I'm somewhat limited in source material so I've created a fictional order-of-battle for the Union 11th Corps.
The first Division (Barlow's) is finished and the three pictures above are of one of the two brigades - namely Colonel Gilsa's.
This brigade contains:
36th New York (6 bases of 3 figures)
88th New York (7 bases of 3 figures)
10th Massachusetts (5 bases of 3 figures)
Companies C and D of the 2nd Sharpshooters (8 figures)

I am planning to use computer rules so the basing system is mine. Each base is 1.5 inches x 1.25 inches. The figure scale is 1:33. Lastly, I know that some of the regimental numbers I have chosen might not have existed but such, in my view, is artistic licence. All the figures are, by the way, Sash & Saber, and are to be highly recommended.

Sunday 23 March 2008

25mm Vignettes

I'm collecting vignettes for my wargames villages. All the figures are 25mm Foundry and from the top:
1) an English soldier being entertained by the 'wife' of the inn-keeper while another soldier runs of a cheerful ditty on the fiddle. Trying to get her to look appealing was a bit of a painting trial but, like me, both soldiers are short-sighted.
2) the blacksmith hard at work.
3) two pictures of a French camp-sight. They are rather better behaved.

The last picture is of a 40mm Sash and Saber Napoleonic battalion I have just put onto eBay

Thursday 20 March 2008

New SYW Brits, Hanoverians and French

I have not blogged for a while because I've been busy painting, which seems like a decent excuse.

The top two pictures show the 2nd battalion of the Gardes Francaises - figures by Foundry. I like the profusion of lace on the officers but my only complaint would be that some of the officer's heads look they have been stuck on without considering the possibility of a neck between the torso and head. Perhaps the designer did not want these gentlemen to lose them later on....

The middle two pictures show a British regiment of the SYW - figures again by Foundry. This is the 5th Foot (Bentinck) and the flag colour is probably too dark as I ordered the 51st Foot's colours from GMB in error. So, being economical, I pressed these into service. The Foundry faces are demons to paint as the designer has gone for the look of a battalion of thoroughly nasty types (highwaymen etc) and making these guys look a little less mean has been a struggle.

The last two pictures are of another Hanoverian regiment, this time 10A von Post with turquoise facings. These figures are Crusader with a Foundry officer added. Crusader figures are a great joy to paint but I may have said that before.