Sunday 23 March 2008

25mm Vignettes

I'm collecting vignettes for my wargames villages. All the figures are 25mm Foundry and from the top:
1) an English soldier being entertained by the 'wife' of the inn-keeper while another soldier runs of a cheerful ditty on the fiddle. Trying to get her to look appealing was a bit of a painting trial but, like me, both soldiers are short-sighted.
2) the blacksmith hard at work.
3) two pictures of a French camp-sight. They are rather better behaved.

The last picture is of a 40mm Sash and Saber Napoleonic battalion I have just put onto eBay


  1. I really like your vignettes, Nigel. I didn't know the french one. Is this a FOUNDRY vignette or a diorama of yours ?

  2. ...lovely work on the Sash and Sabre figures - fantastic - the quality of the figure sculpt, together with your paint job, pushes the Foundry figures into the shade (even with your excellent paint job!)...

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  4. Thanks guys. The vignettes are all by Foundry and available from them.
    The two main problems with these new Foundry figures are the sculpting of the hands and the heads (no neck!) whereas the S&S figures have less obvious problems.