Thursday 20 March 2008

New SYW Brits, Hanoverians and French

I have not blogged for a while because I've been busy painting, which seems like a decent excuse.

The top two pictures show the 2nd battalion of the Gardes Francaises - figures by Foundry. I like the profusion of lace on the officers but my only complaint would be that some of the officer's heads look they have been stuck on without considering the possibility of a neck between the torso and head. Perhaps the designer did not want these gentlemen to lose them later on....

The middle two pictures show a British regiment of the SYW - figures again by Foundry. This is the 5th Foot (Bentinck) and the flag colour is probably too dark as I ordered the 51st Foot's colours from GMB in error. So, being economical, I pressed these into service. The Foundry faces are demons to paint as the designer has gone for the look of a battalion of thoroughly nasty types (highwaymen etc) and making these guys look a little less mean has been a struggle.

The last two pictures are of another Hanoverian regiment, this time 10A von Post with turquoise facings. These figures are Crusader with a Foundry officer added. Crusader figures are a great joy to paint but I may have said that before.


  1. Golly, those are nice! The lace work on the french oficer, ensigns and especially the drummer are incredible - they make my eyes hurt just looking at the pictures! Bravo, sir!

  2. Its nice of you to say so, Tim, but the detiled lace is all there in the figure itself. The secret, once you have black-oil undercoated the figure, is to dry-brush the silver straight away. The rest of the coat colours go around the silver.

  3. Very nice painting, Nigel! The units look very impressive. You have done a good job on the french and british. I particularly like the use of prussian and english figures for Hanovrians.
    I hope to meet them on a wargame table one of those days! ;o)

  4. Are the Hanoverians from the Crusader Prussian range? Nice touch, adding the field sign with some flock.

    I have not been a big fan of the Foundry British and French (those large hands and strange faces), but you do a nice job of making them look good.