Wednesday 29 September 2021

28mm 1st Carlist War-Carlists: 5th Guipuzcoan aka Chapelzuris (white hats)

Again a hotch-potch of uniforms as I think the Carlist might well have looked. This time a famous unit the Chapelzuris whose most noteable encounter was at the Battle of Oriamendi where the British Legion was defeated.


Friday 24 September 2021

28mm Wars of the Roses – Billmen (3)

Three units of billmen using the same plastic Perry box (the Archers box) but with the bill arms. Blue and yellow livery.

Excellent bases from Charlie Foxtrot in the UK.


Tuesday 14 September 2021

28mm Wars of the Roses: Archers (4)


Now three more units of archers – town or country militia with tawny livery.