Thursday 18 September 2008

Some Hanoverians Guards

I've finally finished this large Hanoverian brigade consisting of two battalions of the Hanoverian Guards (each battalion is 26 figures strong) plus their battalion gun and general, Major General Scheele. The latter is a Foundry conversion by adding a shoulder sash with greenstuff. The gun is by Hinchcliffe, the gunners, Foundry, and most of the infantry are Crusader. The two officers are Foundry though. Having found out how easy it is to add a sash with greenstuff I will now start using this technique more often.

The top picture is another Foundry conversion. He was from their Highwayman pack but I removed the head and added another - voila, Major-General George Ludwig von Zastrow in Brunswick service.

92nd Irish regiment Bulkeley

Last week I suddenly got bored of painting 'allies' in my Pragmatic army and I painted this Irish battalion. The figures are from the new Foundry SYW French range and they are a great disappointment. Firstly, the figures all lean to one side and while basing need wedging under a corner to straighten them up. Secondly, every one of them has a scowl on their faces the challenge of which to paint is tiresome.
Nonetheless, I have the raw metal for 4 Irish battalions and it was nice to dig out my much 'under-used' green paint. I plan to make most of the French foot battalions weaker than the 'allied' ones at 16 figures (using a 1:33 scale).

As I have now finished half of the Pragmatic army's infantry (16 battalions) I plan a rest until the end of this year and will restart in January. The only thing that might get in the way of this plan is the imminent arrival of Eureka's WAS Dutch. I have other projects to do, namely a new wargames table, plus some more ACW and some Greeks for the Macedonian wars. I'll keep posting though.

Saturday 6 September 2008

Firstly, let me apologise for my blogging absence over the last few months but summers here are busy and I have quite a bit of new stuff to post.

These four pictures are of the completed Brunswick brigade of my SYW/WAS British/Allied 'Pragmatic Army'.
The bottom three pictures are of the two battalion regiment Prinz Friedrich (which was called Zastrow and changed its name in 1761) with its new 1760 flags.
I have also now added battalion guns.
The top picture shows the entire brigade, the Prinz Friedrich regiment with the red flagged von Mansberg regiment (formerly von Behr). Most figures are Foundry and each battalion is 18 figures strong.

Soon I'll post the Hanoverian guard brigade and an Irish battalion, which I've just finished. The British infantry are all done (7 battalions) and I've now finished
the first 'column' or division under the command of Prinz Isenburg-Budingen.