Friday 24 January 2020

15mm Seleucids: 3 units of Thracians

Thracian infantry from 'Forged in Battle' with LBM transfers. I've seen better figures but they are animated. The temple, which I made many years ago, will feature quite a lot as I don't have any other Ancients buildings in this scale. Anyway, it's quite appropriate as the Thracians were famous plunderers.

Thursday 16 January 2020

15mm Seleucids: 4 units of Catephracts.

If my memory serves me (the last time I painted a Seleucud army was in the 1970s) these were the backbone of the cavalry arm. They were armoured from tie to head as were their horses. Their main weapon is again the kontos which I guess they would have used two handed.

Painting wise I have used 2 different bronzes, silver and brass to break up the look of the units. The Romans feared this type of cavalry over a long span of history – from the Seleucids (start 312BC) through the Parthian period to the Sassanids (ends 651AD), this covers the best part of a thousand years.

Xyston figures.

15mm Seleucids: 2 units of Companion Cavalry/Clibanarii

This year I will be painting a very large 15mm Seleucid army to fight, I would imagine, against a similarly large Marian Roman army. Most of the figures are from the fabulous Xyston range.
Here are two units of Companions which were, I think, the elite Seleucid units although I would doubt they were a patch on Alexander's original Companions. The weaponry and style of fighting appears to have changed as well. The kontos remains but it will be one handed as the other has a shield. The horses have become half armoured but that too is obviously the interpretation of the designer.

Bases are from Big Red Bat and more on that another time.