Saturday 28 March 2020

15mm Seleucid Elephants (1)

The first two elephants of six painted.

Thursday 26 March 2020

15mm Seleucids: Imitation Legionaries

These were raised by the Seleucids copying the Roman style of warfare. There were not successful, either because they were too few in number or because they did not integrate well into the Seleucid line of battle. Furthermore what was 'imitation' exactly? Was it clothing and armour or more fundamentally the way the were to fight?

Wednesday 18 March 2020

15mm Seleucid artillery

The bolt shooter is on the left, the small rock thrower on the right. Oddly I had to mix the crews up as the manufacturer supplied someone holding a rock with the bolt thrower.

15mm Seleucids - Six scythed chariots

These were one shot suicide weapons to be aimed, primarily, at phalanx. The charioteers are heavily armoured suggesting that they are meant to stay in the chariot right up to the point of collision. If their job was to jump ship earlier, why give them any armour?

Thursday 12 March 2020

15mm Six Dacian Warbands with LBM transfers

28mm Ural Cossacks from St. Petersburg Miniatures

These are lovely metal figures from a Russian company called St. Petersburg Miniatures. Well worth the price with bags of character. They could be used from the 18th century almost through the RCW.

Wednesday 4 March 2020

15mm Late Achaemenid Persians: Three units of Kardakes as hoplites

For the many discussions about what exactly the 'Kardakes' were please read
I have fielded these units as Kardakes with hoplite panoply or in other words Persian hoplites formed to try to counter Alexander's pikes and to supplement the mercenary hoplites. Darius' only reliable infantry were the mercenary hoplites and the Persians needed as many as they could get hold of. They had watched Philip II sweep through Greece and they, the Persians, knew that they would be next. I would suggest that training in close order was rushed through, perhaps under the supervision of Memnon or Mentor, to prepare the Persian army for the expected assault.

These are based to Impetus and are just three of the six I plan to do to allow them to be doubled up.

The army being planned here is primarily aimed at fighting the Macedonian advance guard army of Parmenion sent into Persian territory in 336 BC.