Saturday 28 December 2019

28mm Swedes: Jönköpings Regiment.

My favourite Swedish regiment because of the impressive flags. Last post of 2019 so Happy New Year for 2020.

Wednesday 18 December 2019

28mm SYW Swedes: Kunglig Majestäts Livgarde till fot

Using Front Ranks's figures, here are some Swedes, the first of twelve foot regiments planned. Each regiment will have two grenadier companies and these can be converged away into their own elite battalions. Although most of the regiments will be the expected blue-yellow colour scheme, I will also do a red and a white regiment. Regiments were largely selected for their flags.

These Front Rank figures do not come with a bayonet despite Kronoskaf saying “The bayonet was permanently fixed to the musket”. Of course these are a very old design, pre-dating the internet I suspect, so Alek probably did not have access to the latest information.

Sunday 8 December 2019

28mm SYW Austrian Grenadiers

Here are the grenadiers for the four regiments I recently painted.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

40mm SYW Austrians: Baranyai Hussars (3 squ) finished

This regiment is now finished using the latest Sash & Saber offering. The officer is Colonel Franz Stephan von Pálasthy, who commanded from 1758 until his capture in 1761. I have based him singly as he will command the Vanguard. Officers of Hussars seem to have worn the tricorne but I assume that they could have chosen what they wanted. Kronoskaf also mentions a red shabraque which would have made the officers stand out from the rankers.

In three of the pictures they are charging against the Fleischhackers.

All figures are from Sash & Saber except for one horse.

Sunday 1 December 2019

28mm SYW Austrians: IR 19 Leopold Pálffy

This Hungarian regiment was raised in 1733 and, in both the WAS and SYW, was in the thick of it. It was present at the battles of Chotusitz, Prague, Moy, Breslau, Hochkirch, Kunersdorf and Liegnitz. It seems to have had a colour change from light blue to middle blue and then back to light blue but pinning these dates down is tricky.

The bottom illustration is of Leopold Count Pálffy who founded the regiment and remained it's Inhaber until 1773.