Thursday 29 January 2009


Just to update interested parties on the re-print of ‘HIS MAJESTY'S BRITTANIC
the situation is that we have secured the right to publish and have had one quote from a UK publisher that would put the book out for sale at £60 plus p/p. We are currently trying to get other quotes in an attempt, if at all possible, to bring the cost down to closer to the £50 I mentioned in my last posting on the subject. Although the spec remains largely the same as the 1980 re-print we are adding extra colour maps to the back of the book as well as a dustcover.

We are going ahead and we hope to be able to publish in the Spring or early summer of this year.

Monday 5 January 2009

40mm SYW Prussian Brigade

You've seen pictures of these figures before but not together on the table and not since I rebased them all (I actually enjoy rebasing figures!). I prefer the shoulder-to-shoulder look so they are all rebased on bases 60mm x 50mm. I plan to do two small-ish armies of Prussians and Austrians using these great Sash and Saber figures - each army being about 12 battalions and 20 squadrons strong. This is a plug for Chris at S&S and, although I know he is busy doing 2nd generation Old Glory stuff, I'm hoping he returns soon to add to his SYW range. Some cavalry, generals and artillery would be most welcome. There is something about the clunk as you move these figures around - each base weighs in at 5 ounces or 140 grams so the brigade comes in at 2.8 kilograms or 6 and a half pounds in weight.

On the front left (position of honour) is IR6 Grenadier-Garde with, behind them, IR18 Prinz von Preussen, 1st battalion. To the right are the two battalions of IR12 von Finck.

The first brigade of the Austrians is patiently awaiting reinforcements.

PS I'm also selling on eBay (lot 110334263853) eight packs of 25mm GMB SYW Prussian flags.

Friday 2 January 2009

116- Royal Pologne -SYW French

I like doing obscure units and this is one such. Regiment 116 (one battalion strong) of the French SYW army named "Royal Pologne". I doubt very much whether there were any Poles serving in it as it was considered "German" and probably raised to honour Louis XV's Polish wife, Maria Leszczyńska. See the excellent Kronoskaf link on the right.
Figures are the new Crusader R&F range of French with turnbacks and I like them although I will get bored of the officer's pose by the time I have done the four battalions of Germans I have planned.

Lastly, I'm not sure about the new pictures as they are a bit on the dark side compared to my old method. I think next time I will take some extra spotlights up to the attic.

PS: If anybody needs confirmation of how international this blog (and the hobby of wargaming)is, just click on the Clustrmap to the right. It shows the number of visits by country from January 2008 to December 2008. I'm most proud of the 2 visits from Peru.

11-B de la Chevallerie SYW Hanoverian Foot

Numbered as 11B in the Hanoverian system, this regiment, according to Kronskaf (see link on the right) had all yellow facings. But further reading of the description
"N.B.: several other sources, like the Brauer Knötel plates, depict this uniform with straw yellow and green as distinctive colour (straw yellow lapels, straw yellow cuffs, green turnbacks and green waistcoat). The uniform seems to have changed during the war." allowed me to paint green turnbacks and waistcoats which makes for quite a colourful unit. Figures by Crusader. The buildings (before you ask!) were all bought on eBay from a guy in England who seems to have ceased trading - sadly.

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution is to only buy wargames figures (and other wargaming ephemera)when I have money in my Paypal account to pay for it. This means I have to sell stuff before I can buy more! This sounds hard but I am determined to stick to it and to that end here are my first two sales.

Item 1:(Top picture) Rigid stream/river sections made with plywood and totalling 12 pieces, including a ford. Total length comes out at about 8 feet and the largest pieces are 10" long or about 25cms. Width is 2" and the water part of that is about 1 1/2". Probably best for 15mm but would work with 25/28mm.
£20 plus p/p

Item 2: (Bottom picture)Flexible stream/river sections made of rubber (?) and bought some years back from Old Glory, I think. Total length is about 13 feet and the largest pieces are about 22" or 57cms. Width varies greatly but 2" is an average.
Includes two 'splits'.
£35 plus p/p

Payment by Paypal, please drop me an email at
Postage will be at cost when the parcel has been weighed at the post office.
If there is no interest, I will put these onto ebay in a few days time.

Thanks for looking.