Monday, 5 January 2009

40mm SYW Prussian Brigade

You've seen pictures of these figures before but not together on the table and not since I rebased them all (I actually enjoy rebasing figures!). I prefer the shoulder-to-shoulder look so they are all rebased on bases 60mm x 50mm. I plan to do two small-ish armies of Prussians and Austrians using these great Sash and Saber figures - each army being about 12 battalions and 20 squadrons strong. This is a plug for Chris at S&S and, although I know he is busy doing 2nd generation Old Glory stuff, I'm hoping he returns soon to add to his SYW range. Some cavalry, generals and artillery would be most welcome. There is something about the clunk as you move these figures around - each base weighs in at 5 ounces or 140 grams so the brigade comes in at 2.8 kilograms or 6 and a half pounds in weight.

On the front left (position of honour) is IR6 Grenadier-Garde with, behind them, IR18 Prinz von Preussen, 1st battalion. To the right are the two battalions of IR12 von Finck.

The first brigade of the Austrians is patiently awaiting reinforcements.

PS I'm also selling on eBay (lot 110334263853) eight packs of 25mm GMB SYW Prussian flags.


  1. Lovely! I also agree with you about shoulder to shoulder, it looks most effective..

  2. SUPERB!

    What rules are they based/organised for?

  3. Very nice tableaux. I couldn't open your blog from work (blocked by the company I work for), so I was eager to get home this evening and take a peek. They were worth the wait.

  4. Super looking brigade. Makes me want to buy some S&S units for my collection.

    I use 40/42mm figs from various sources for my skirmish games (the Irregular Miniatures range of SYW 42mm figs includes infantry, cavalry and artillery).

    -- Allan