Friday, 2 January 2009

116- Royal Pologne -SYW French

I like doing obscure units and this is one such. Regiment 116 (one battalion strong) of the French SYW army named "Royal Pologne". I doubt very much whether there were any Poles serving in it as it was considered "German" and probably raised to honour Louis XV's Polish wife, Maria LeszczyƄska. See the excellent Kronoskaf link on the right.
Figures are the new Crusader R&F range of French with turnbacks and I like them although I will get bored of the officer's pose by the time I have done the four battalions of Germans I have planned.

Lastly, I'm not sure about the new pictures as they are a bit on the dark side compared to my old method. I think next time I will take some extra spotlights up to the attic.

PS: If anybody needs confirmation of how international this blog (and the hobby of wargaming)is, just click on the Clustrmap to the right. It shows the number of visits by country from January 2008 to December 2008. I'm most proud of the 2 visits from Peru.


  1. They look so good they could pass for 54mm!

    Compliments and best wishes,

  2. My old eyes have difficulty with the backlighting. Lighting from the front is much better.

    -- Jeff

  3. As always, superb figures! Those buildings do look unusually realistic.

    Thanks for sharing your hard work - and enthusiasm - so generously.


  4. Tres bon! Splendid work as usual, Nigel.

    TheRoyal Pologne had one of the most eye-catching flags in French service in my opinion.