Tuesday 28 February 2017

Prince Fedorovitch Cuirassiers

Here is the first of the Russian Cuirassier Regiments. This is what Kronoskaf says:

"Until 1732, the regiment was a unit of dragoons known as the "Yaroslavskiy Dragoon Regiment". In 1732, when Baron Munnich reorganised the Russian Army, the regiment was converted into the "3rd Cuirassier Regiment". It then successively became the "Bevern Cuirassier Regiment" in 1733, the "Braunschweig Cuirassier Regiment" in 1738, and the "Holstein-Gottorp Cuirassier Regiment" in 1742. The regiment was finally renamed the "Fedorovitch Cuirassier Regiment" in 1752.

The regiment counted 5 squadrons (10 companies for a total of about 800 men) and was stationed in Estonia and Livonia. Because of recruitment difficulties, it usually fielded only 4 squadrons while the fifth served as a reserve and for replenishing the ranks of the other squadrons. Each company consisted of 4 officers, 5 NCOs, 2 musicians and 69 troopers."

Figures are Foundry, as most have been recently. Similar problems with the horses though!

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Russian Horse Grenadier Regiments (2)

Here are three more Horse Grenadier Regiments making a total of 5 done. They are St.Petersburgski, Rizhskiy and Ryazansky. Foundry figures and not bad either although the horses need a lot of work as the moulds are getting old. Next week you will start seeing Cuirassiers.

Monday 13 February 2017

Russian Horse Grenadier Regiments (1)

My last post showed Horse Grenadiers as elite companies in Dragoon Regiments. Here are two 'proper' Horse Grenadier Regiments (the first of 5 planned). Kargopolski on the left and Narvski on the right. They are both identical (except for horse colours) and show the fawn coloured shabraques that distinguish them from the pale-blue shabraques of the Dragoons.

There is a lot of Russian cavalry planned - enough to keep me going until the summer.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Russian Horse Grenadiers

Here are Foundry Russian Horse Grenadiers but not those from actual Horse Grenadier regiments - these are the elite company of Dragoon regiments. The sole difference is that those from Dragoon regiments had blue shabraques while those of the Horse Grenadiers were all cream coloured.

The lower three pictures are of a very nice vignette showing a Horse Grenadier removing a dodgy shoe from his mount.

I am now painting five Horse Grenadier regiments which you will see over the next few weeks. All five campaigned in the SYW.