Friday 16 February 2024

28mm Hessians: IR12 Erbprinz


This regiment had 'Sang de Boeuf' coloured facings or Bull's blood, a very dark red. The lovely flags are from my friend Frederick Aubert, as are all my Hessian flags. Figures are largely from Black Hussar. I have almost finished the Hessian infantry. Just one grenadier battalion to go and the two battalions of IR7.

28mm Celtic archers


Metal figures from Wargames Foundry.

Tuesday 13 February 2024

18mm Danish Livregiment Kyrasserer


Here I have used my favourite cavalry sculpts for the SYW – the Eureka figures designed by Mike Broadbent. They are big figures and are not compatible with other so-called 18mm cavalry ranges but I think they are perfectly in proportion with infantry. Cavalry horses from, say, Blue Moon, are ponies by comparison.

I have used Austrian cuirassiers which are close enough for Danish cuirassiers. All I have done is snip off the Imperial oat leaves that adorned their tricornes. They wear the cuirasse front-plate in black, light blue facings with leather coloured straps and gauntlets.

Four squadrons totalling four hundred men. A fine and elite regiment mounted on Holsteiner heavy horses which were in much demand throughout Europe.

Saturday 3 February 2024

18mm Danish Slesvigske infanteriregiment 1st Battalion


Another Danish battalion showing the regimental yellow flag I have created from the Vinkhuizen collection illustration. Figures are mostly 18mm Old Glory SYW Austrians.

You may wonder why some of the uniform details differ from the plate. The plate is dated 1761 so, besides the introduction of lapels in 1760, the coloured trousers disappeared (as they did in many other countries ) to be replaced with white or buff. So the unit in the 1740-50s still probably used blue trousers and waistcoats. The only other mystery concerns lace colour for the tricorne. This regiment had gold lace for officers and NCOs but did the other ranks have white or yellow. Sources differ on this but I have gone for white a la Prussian model rather than the Hanoverian model.

Thursday 1 February 2024

18mm Swedes Jonkopings 1st BTN

I have used Blue Moon figures here and they are not up to much frankly. Previously (on my blog on 22nd May 2018) I showed the same unit but using the figures from an Italian company called Legio Heroica and they were much nicer. Sadly this company seems to have ceased trading although their website is running. So I will have to focus on the Danes and to that end I have ordered sufficient figures to do 16 battalions and a division of cavalry. Let's hope Legio Heroica can get it's act together.

The bottom picture shows figures from the Italian company.