Wednesday 21 May 2008

SYW Prince Ferdinand

Fistly, my apologies for not having blogged here for a while but as summer approaches things start getting quite busy here in SW France - gardening, visitors etc. I have been painting when I have had the time and will have quite a few new units to show over the following weeks.

I'm still busy on my main project - an Allied/Pragmatic army for use in both the WAS and SYW.
Dice throws will either supply Cumberland as C-in-C or Prince Ferdinand and the latter's command stand is ready.

It shows Ferdinand himself in his Prussian regimental inhaber's uniform (IR5) with, on his right
a British officer holding a telescope. Behind them, mounted, is Major Hase, commanding Hanoverian artillery. On foot is the Prince's secretary, Christian Heinrich P. Westphalen with an aide carrying his portable writing desk.

Next week I'll post pictures of the Advance Guard plus a Brunswick regiment I'm just finishing off at the moment.