Sunday 31 December 2023

28mm Hessians: IR10 Malsburg


I had 5 battalions of Palatine infantry serving with my French army but they have gone. I am converting them to Hessians and here are the first two battalions representing IR10 Malsburg.

This is the last post this year and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Saturday 30 December 2023

28mm AWI: 1st New York


Whilst continuing with my SYW Hessians I realised that by doing so I had available a full division of 8 battalions (500 men each) to serve in the AWI. The only issue is the flags and either I can live with the SYW ones or I could do a separate flag base just for the AWI.

So then I looked at the American rebels. I have decided to start with a New York brigade of 6 battalions. These are fun to do because each battalion has a different uniform plus economical as I can use the cheap and excellent Perry box.

Hessian infantry in the AWI formed up in 3 ranks while the Continentals used 2 ranks, as did the British. So you can see the far thinner American line of regulars. This NY battaion is 400 men strong, each figure representing 25 men. Militia, when I come to do them, will be in a far less dense line.

So this is a small detour on the road of my Hessians for the SYW.

PS Just to note that I have had over one million hits on my blog!

28mm Celtic cavalry unit 5


Sunday 10 December 2023

28mm Hessians: IR 3 Füsilier-Regiment Gilsa


Another fusilier regiment, with it's grenadiers which will be converged with those of IR9. The uniforms and flags are for the end of the war.

Figures are from Black Hussar with a Foundry officer in the first battalion and a Crusader officer in the second.

28mm Celtic cavalry unit 4