Tuesday, 26 February 2008

25mm (TAG) 1650’s Russian Guard Cavalry - Jiltsi

Here is a TAG (The Assault Group) unit of Jiltsi or Zhiltsi. These were the elite bodyguard of the Tsar and there is some dispute as to whether they were winged, in the Polish fashion, or not. As the TAG figures come without wings, so be it.

I wanted these to look threatening so I used lots of black and white but at the same time I wanted them to have a ‘sumptuous’ look as befitting a personal bodyguard.
Leading onto from a thread on TMP (The Miniatures Page) I gave some of the horses pink noses as this seems to be more common than I thought.

The flag is one of my hand-made creations and, without historical evidence, I went for a religious theme. E-mail me if you would like a free copy.

This unit, pretty (and threatening?) though it may look, will be in trouble, I suspect, when it comes up against Polish winged hussars, who were, in the 17th century, probably the best cavalry in Europe.

PS I just received an email from Michal Paradowski and this is what he said:

"Here's fragment of Jiltsy's description by Bernard Tanner, member of Polish-Lithuanian mission in Moscow in 1678 (I know, later then those from You minis)- maybe You'll find it interesting (sorry for rough translation...):'all of them were wearing long loose red garments. Their horses were white like snow, [Jiltsy] have on their arms [he rather think about back than arms] beautifully painted wings, easily seen above their heads. They have long lances [originally 'kopie' - like Husaria] - to each spearhead there was attached golden effigy of flying dragon (sic!) that was turning around whenever wind blows. You would think that they're regiment of Angels!'


  1. I wold love to see a short tutorial on how you paint your horses (just the animal, not the blanket and such). They look really good, without being overdone.