Sunday, 17 February 2008

25mm TAG Novgorod Streltsi

I've finally branched out in a new period - Eastern European Renaissance. While the English Civil War was occupying the British Isles, Eastern Europe was in termoil with the Russians fighting the Poles, Swedes and Ottomans with a Cossack rebellion thrown in for good measure.
These TAG (The Assault Group) figures are fun to paint. They represent a provincial Streltsi unit of the Russian army under Tsar Alexis I. Besides a musket, they carry a Berdische Axe, which was used both as a rest for the musket as well as a close combat weapon. The Streltsi served as soldiers (one year on, one year off) as well as town policemen and firemen. I finally got a chance to use this colour - Jade green - from Coat d'arms paints.
I intend doing about 10 infantry and 10 cavalry units for the Russians before I move on to do a Polish army and then, finally, an Ottoman one as well. Maybe a small Cossack host as well.
Later on this week I will post a unit of Russian Guard cavalry.

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