Tuesday 29 January 2008

28mm SYW Foundry Prussian IR6 Grenadier Garde

I bought these figures from Foundry back in 2007, painted them and sold them on eBay. I think they are in happy retirement somewhere in the USA and if anybody knows of any particular battle they have featured in I'd like to know. I hope they did not run away at the first whiff of canister....
I'm showing the pictures to both compliment Foundry and to criticize them. The vignette is charming - a diminutive officer reprimanding a ranker for something terrible. Maybe there is a hair out of place on his head. But, on the other hand, Foundry make big mistakes. The officers are all wearing the mitre and they did not - they wore the tricorne. Its such a pity as these figures were a delight to paint!
Lastly, I must confess to having problems with the colour of the trousers. Prussians normally wore trousers of two colours - white and straw yellow (occasionally, but rarely, pink too). Getting the correct shade of yellow or straw is difficult as illustrations available show shades from violent bright yellow to a pale cream. In this 28mm battalion I used a yellow but in retrospect I'm not happy with the shade and when I painted the same regiment in 40mm (see another earlier blog) I went for a much subtler cream which I think (but have no firm evidence for) is more likely.

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  1. Hey I thought they wore those snazzy red trousers and waist coats but what do I know? Drew