Tuesday 8 January 2008

Here come the Romans (1)

Today I want to show you pictures of a Republican Roman army that I must reluctantly sell.
The pictures above are of three maniples of Hastati (each maniple contains 16 figures, including 4 command). The figures are all Renegade and are 28mm. LBM shield transfers have been used.
They are based for WAB in blocks of 4 (45mm x45mm) and I'm also happy to remove them from their bases and send them to you unbased (at no extra cost) if you'd prefer that.
The next blogs will show the remaining troops, Principes, Triarii and a maniple of allied Samnites.
I'd prefer to sell the whole army to one person but will split it up if necessary.
If you are interested, please email me at nigbil@free.fr

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