Wednesday 2 January 2008

More AB 1806 Prussians......the High Command

This picture shows the Prussian high command of the 1806 army using AB figures.
On the left are two command bases for generals of division. Two mounted officers plus, in one case, a infantryman running away, and in the other, a wounded infantryman. At the rear right is a round base with three figures representing Field Marshal Mollendorf - the Prussian army at Auerstadt was plagued by a large number of senior officers with little to do but get in the way.
Mollendorf was from the generation that served Frederick the Great so he was a very old man by 1806.
The last group consists of the army top-brass. The King, bare-headed, is being briefed by an officer on foot. He was nominally in charge though the real commander at the battle, until his death, was the Duke of Brunswick (on the King's left).
The only figure missing from the command pack is Blucher himself who is wearing hussar uniform - the uniform of his own regiment.
Lastly, note the shade of red used. It was a dark wine-coloured red.

Oh, and I forgot to say that I have painted the figures to represent people as I saw fit at the time. I liked the bare-headed guy so made him the King. I have no idea which figures are which, in the mind of Tony Barton the designer, so the decision is entirely yours.


  1. Nigel, saw this link on TMP. These figures are excellent. You mentioned selling some of your work from time to time on ebay. I would certainly be interested in purchasing 15mm AB napoleonics with this level of quality. I am located in the U.S. Please contact me if interested. Thanks, Bill

  2. I did the same with my AB 1806 Prussians and painted them up if I thought the pose fitted who I wanted to paint. You should have added some Stab Dragoner to the bases to break up the mass of blue coats and Madder saddle cloths.