Tuesday, 26 February 2008

25mm SYW Hanoverian Regiment von Reden 3A

I’ve painted up an 18 figure Hanoverian Regiment of the SYW, namely von Reden 3A. All the figures are Crusader Prussians, except for one, the officer, who is a Foundry figure from the British SYW range. I’ve had to use the Foundry figure as Hanoverian officers followed the British fashion of wearing their sash over their shoulder. In most respects the Prussian figures works well as Hanoverians – the main detail missing is the buckle on the main strap at the front. I have long wanted to paint Hanoverians but there are no good specific ranges out there! (There is a US company doing Hanoverians exclusively but they don’t look good in the web-site pictures)

Talking to Mark of Crusader yesterday, he told me he was going to be adding British, French and Russians to his SYW range and that they were scheduled for the summer. This is excellent news as the western European theatre is not as well covered by manufacturers. Excluding Eagle Miniatures, which I know nothing about, one only has Front Rank, Foundry and Minden to choose from. Front Rank are looking dated, Foundry are animated but too cartoonish for my taste and Minden don’t fit in with any other range.

Lastly, you may be wondering what that green bit is on top of the tricorne. According to Kronstaf, Hanoverians wore a sprig of oak and I have used a tiny bit of lichen gathered from some of my hedges to serve.


  1. Great looking figures. I especially like the oak sprigs in the tricornes. I'll have to remember that technique.


  2. Very well done!
    And living in France,additionally…
    Not many SYW aficionados here, yet JL Vial of Nec Pulribus Impar fame is also a wargamer -it's not obvious from his site; I fumbled also on ‘Siaba’ 's pleasant blog.
    For me I’m retired also from wargaming after more than a decade at the fead of an all-female «Amazons» AncMed army. I came back to my first favorite period –the Lace Wars- and to their Imagi-Nations in the tradition of C. Grant and P. Young, but only in a purely ‘virtual’ way.


    aka Louys de Monte-Cristo
    P.S.: Since you cover several period, you could 'label' your posts (it can be done a posteriori): Antiquity, R.Russia, SYW... It would be easier to retrieve all the posts dealing with a given era.