Wednesday, 26 August 2009

18thCenturyPress - New Book

We, that is, have secured the rights to re-print Niemeyer/Ortenburg’s "The Hanoverian Army during the Seven Years War".

This is an exceptional book with colour illustrations of all the infantry regiments, artillery, light troops and cavalry regiments that made up the Hanoverian army of the SYW. Equally useful is the full English text and descriptions of the army’s organization.

At the moment the issues relate to both cost per copy and numbers to print. What I am requesting now is a duplication of the work we did before the Savory re-print; that is to collect emails from interested parties so that I can have an idea of numbers. I cannot give any idea at the moment about cost but I will try to keep this as low as possible while retaining the quality of the original.

If you are interested in buying a copy, please email me at




  1. Nigel,

    I've jusy emailed you to register my interest.

    This is good news for all of interested in the western theatre of the SYW and in the British army fo the 18th century. Well done!


  2. E-mail sent! Fantastic book that I'd love to see back again.