Monday 20 June 2016

Prussian Converged Grenadiers 1/23 Bandemer

Over the next few weeks I will be painting quite a few Prussian SYW grenadiers in 28mm.

Interestingly, you might have thought that these permanent convergences would have an element of esthetics in that the mitre colours would match. Actually in about 50% they do match (i.e. both halves had either brass or silver fronted mitres) but that leaves 50% which did not match.

This is 1/23 so the grenadiers on the left in the top two pictures are from IR 1 and the grenadiers on the right are from IR23. Both have matching silver fronted mitres. Also that silver front was fake - see this note from Kronoskaf: "In regiments with white metal, the front plates were to be coloured with a water-based silver paste which needed to be re-applied regularly lest the cap plates revert to their original brass colour. Therefore, during campaign, particularly in bad weather, it is possible that the silvering could have worn off and needed to be silvered again."

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