Sunday, 1 June 2008

SYW Allied Jaegers

Three pictures of Allied Jaeger units that will form part of the Advance Guard of the SYW/WAS Pragmatic army I am painting up.
The top unit consists of 3 companies (totalling nine figures) of Brunswick Jaegers. Figures are all Front Rank except the officer who is from Crusader.
The middle picture is of the Hanoverian Jaegers, also know as Freytag Jaegers, with their distinctive grey gaiters. Musket armed, the figures are all by FR.
The last picture is of the Hessian Jaegers, probably the elite unit of the three. Again all figures are FR except for the officer who is a Foundry offering.

These will be joined by a small unit of Brunswick Hussars and a larger unit of Luckner's Hussars and the entire advance guard will be under the command of Colonel Luckner himself. I might give them a battalion gun too.

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