Monday 26 September 2022

40mm Prussian Infantry: IR16 Graf zu Dohna

This is the last of the units made up from Trident figures although the command figures are from Front Rank (now owned by Gripping Beast). These are the left-over figures from when I reduced the rest of the battalions from 24 to 20 figures. You have seen all these re-worked battalions recently. I have the figures for a new regiment using Day of Battle printed figures. But the US dollar is so strong that its actually cheaper for me to buy Front Rank in sterling. Trident in New Zealand is too expensive both for figures themselves as well as postage. So the 4 battalions of grenadiers will probably be from Front Rank.

I still plan to get the remaining Prussian cavalry (the Austrian cavalry is finished) from Day of Battle.

These pretty flags are from Dave Morfitt of course.

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