Wednesday, 7 September 2022

40mm Prussian Infantry IR11 von Rebentisch


I reworked this regiment 5 years ago by changing the flags and adding 4 figures per battalion. Now I have changed them again, stripping away those added extra 4 figures to return them to 20 figure battalions. I have also shortened the flag staves and reduced the size of the flags and replaced the flags themselves. My new flags of choice are from Dave Morfitt and they are available on his blog 'Not by appointment'. In my view thy are the best available as the shading is subtly done and better than that, they are accurate and free.He has done most of the flags for both the French and Prussians in the SYW as well as some other interesting WAS Austrian ones. I scale up or down using Microsoft Paint.

So my focus for the next few months is to finish these Prussians off, if I can. I have painted 10 battalions so this will release an extra 40 figures for conversion into new regiments. I'm aiming for twenty battalions.

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